Guangdong, China is one of the four branches, namely the Guangdong Cantonese cuisine, mainly from Guangzhou, Chaozhou, East three flavor, Guangzhou flavor represented. Cantonese has unique southern taste, and to the election materials, extensive new and exotic dishes is famous in the world. Cantonese cuisine originating in south of the Five Ridges. Since the Han and Wei,Guangzhou has always been China’s south gate, be located in semi-tropical, endangered South China Sea, the four seasons evergreen, products is rich, nothing needed is lacking. Table delicacies from land and sea, vegetable & fruit in season four seasons, with overseas trade important port, social economy thus prosper, while also promoting diet and cultural development, and to accelerate the Chinese country and country cooking culture exchange. A variety of Chinese and foreign food is absorbed gradually, make the Guangdong cuisine to constantly enrich and improve, its unique style becomes more outstanding. Ming, Qing period open sea, the port opening to the outside world, Guangzhou city has been further prosperity, catering and booming. Overseas Guangdong Overseas Chinese numerous, and in Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia learned cooking skills back to hometown; Guangdong to situation ofrapid development, has formed a set of North-South style in a furnace,meltingofChineseand Western cuisine in one of the unique style,