Hot pot is a feature food of Chongqing.When the Chongqing natives get togther with their friends,most of them would like to chose hot pot as their dinner.Hot pot is famous for its spicy and hot,it is made up of some vagetable or meat and whatever.

Hot pot, everywhere, but the most authentic, taste the best number is also the Chongqing hot pot, so students in Chongqing people like to eat.
The characteristics of Chongqing hot pot is hot, hot, hemp, because these three points that Chongqing hot pot is well-known in the world. One is Ma:when we eat hot pot, the first thing he saw was the prickly ash. The pot ofpepper if you eat the last, standard to ensure that you don’t stop eating ma.So when your dish to be careful not to let it slip into your dish. Two is the hotspicy: few city than we Chongqing also spicy, began to eat hot pot, saw thepot of oil, it must be “hot” to. If you take a bite, you must be hot to keep drinking water. But when you drink, not stop, will involuntarily began to eat.Because it’s not dull as ditch water. The hot, hot satisfy a craving, spicy comfortable. Speak with Chongqing accent, is hot “just”! The three is hot,looked at the pot, you don’t have to worry about disinfection not. This problem at the pot was out of the bubble, that temperature is high, if youpick up food immediately eat, must put your tongue out hot several bubble,only in the bowl to cool for a while, you can eat.
In addition Chongqing hot pot and a lot of eat, mainly washing and cooking.Rinse: coming folder, in the pot boiled. The key is to distinguish between a variety of materials not all materials can be boiled food. Generally speaking,tender texture, crisp materials suitable for the rinse water. Cook: namely thematerials into soup cooked. Such as tendons, mushroom, starch, chickensuitable for cooking. These materials texture is dense, must pass through the long time to cook to eat.
Hot pot as our food on behalf of Chongqing, its spicy, the taste of it as weChongqing passionate character, unforgettable!