Penglai ocean polar world is located in the southeast of Penglai port, which is the only way from Penglai to Changdao. It looks like a courteous gentleman, waiting for the arrival of tourists from all directions. Penglai ocean polar world has the largest tropical rain forest Pavilion, Seal Island, Turtle Island, shark Pavilion, large exhibition area, and large round VAT in China It integrates scientific research and teaching, marine life exhibition and performance, and makes full use of interactive, participatory and artistic techniques to bring people into the mysterious ocean world. It is the first choice for people to perceive the ocean and get close to animals. Penglai ocean world is divided into 14 pavilions, including tropical rainforest Pavilion, polar Pavilion, shark Pavilion, dolphin and sea lion performance Pavilion, turtle Pavilion, seal Pavilion, underwater theater, four-dimensional dynamic cinema, and so on. It brings together more than 1000 species of rare marine life from equatorial tropical rainforest to Arctic polar regions.
Enter the polar ocean world of Penglai, where you can experience the wisdom and innocence of marine animals with the humorous performance of dolphins and sea lions; the tropical rainforest Pavilion allows you to explore the mysterious Amazon River Basin and watch large and rare tropical animals and plants; in the polar Pavilion, polar animals such as beluga, polar bear, penguin, walrus and sea otter travel with you in the ice and snow world; in the aquarium, there are nearly a thousand kinds of sea animals Marine life gathering, with your magical ocean exploration journey; Seal Island, 100 Bohai Sea seals and you zero distance contact, group tour and perform water ballet; Turtle Island, 60 naive giant turtles leisurely roam; shark hall, people and sharks dance together, exciting; exposure to the multi shaped undersea tunnel, a thousand species of marine life as if within reach, beautiful undersea scenery In the exhibition hall, the mermaid shuttles, the beautiful living coral and coral reef fish in the big round vat are magical and colorful; the herbarium and science and Education Museum, which integrates teaching with tourism, is a big classroom for popularizing marine knowledge; in the four-dimensional dynamic cinema, high-tech four-dimensional dynamic film brings you into the real underwater world.

Chinese Name:蓬莱海洋世界