Test & Quarantine Required for All Inbound Passengers

Starting from Zero O’clock, March 25, Beijing has taken the followingmeasures to further tighten the prevention and control over COVID-19 given thefast spread of the pandemic outside China.

1.All inbound passengers arriving in Beijing, regardless of theirdestinations, should undergo quarantine in Beijing at designated places andreceive nucleic acid test. People aged 70 and above, minors aged 14 and below,pregnant women and those with underlying conditions who are not suitable forquarantine at designated places should take nucleic acid test at a designatedobservation center before being discharged for home observation provided thatthey test negative.

2.All inbound passengers arriving in Beijing via other ports of entrywithin 14 days should undergo quarantine at designated places and receivenucleic acid test. Those who come to Beijing by plane or train shouldimmediately proceed to the designated assembly point upon arrival at the airportor train station before being transferred to quarantine at designated places.Those who come to Beijing by road should report their personal informationtruthfully at checkpoints and comply with transfer arrangements. If anyoneconceals outbound travel history or deliberately evades quarantine at adesignated place, such case will be made public and the individual involved willbe held accountable in accordance with the law.

Quarantine expenses should be self-borne, and nucleic acid test expensesmay be covered by basic or commercial medical insurance if one has such ascheme.

Source: March 24 Beijing municipal press conference on COVID-19 preventionand control