Shandong cuisine, is originated from shandong zibo boshan area of qilu flavor cuisine (now traffic zone in shandong province is not only limited to the contemporary, represented by dalian food cuisine also belong to southern shandong cuisine), is a traditional Chinese four big cuisines (and eight regional cuisines) only spontaneously in cuisine (relative to the huaiyang, sichuan, guangdong and other impact in terms of cuisine) , the Yellow River basin of cooking culture represents [2], is the oldest, most abundant techniques, the highest and most difficult see  was one of the cuisine.

2,500 years ago, The Confucian school in Shandong established the aesthetic orientation of Chinese diet, which emphasizes delicacy, moderation and health. At the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty, “Qi Min Yaoshu” (about 533 — 544 A.D.) summarized the “steaming, boiling, roasting, brewing, frying, stir-frying, boiling, frying, frying, boiling, frying, waxing, salt, black beans, vinegar, sauce, wine, honey and pepper” in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, which laid the framework of Chinese cooking techniques. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a large number of Shandong chefs and dishes entered the court, which further sublimated the elegant, dignified and peaceful style of Shandong cuisine.

Classic dishes have a pint of tofu, scallion, sea cucumber, three wire shark fin soup, grilled white treasures, sweet and sour of the Yellow River carp, nine e., oil until crispy, gathers up the original shell abalone, pepper fish braised prawns, vinegar, ZaoLiu temperature spicy fish fillet, mandarin fish slice, hsu explodes the squid coils, clear soup tremella, clover meat (moo shu pork), jiaodong four warm mix, sweet and sour pork and braised prawns, zhaoyuan zaozhuang pill, spicy chicken, steamed fish, when jinan meat, green pepper, sugar, fish sauce chicken nuggets, oil spilt bean Ting, poem li ginkgo, milk Shang Pu, snakehead’s egg soup, a pot roast duck, spiced chicken, yellow croaker, tofu soup, hot candied yams, candied pears ball, casseroles, Dan, bag chicken, chicken slices, diving in lotus lotus yellow tube Yangguan Triassic, before rain shrimp, Dark Clouds to the moon, Braised chicken, croaker in pot, milk soup Crucian carp, Braised second Winter, Taishan Three Beauty Soup, Clear soup Xishi Tongue, crab race, braised two chicken shreds, elephant eye pigeon egg, cloud slice monkey head mushroom, fried fish cress in oil, fried scorpion, watermelon chicken, etc.

Shandong cuisine

Shandong has a long history of vegetable cultivation, a wide variety of good quality, known as “one of the world’s three largest vegetable gardens.” Zhangqiu green onion, Lanling garlic, Laiwu ginger, Jiaozhou Cabbage, Weifang radish, Cao County asparagus, Shouguang leek, etc., famous at home and abroad. High fruit yield, excellent quality, such as Yantai apple, Laiyang pear, Yangxin pear, Leling jujube, Dezhou watermelon, Feicheng peach, Qingzhou peach, Dazeshan grape, Caozhou papaya, etc., are the top fruits. Output of aquatic products are among the best in the country, is rich in fish, shrimp, shellfish and algae 60 many kinds of seafood, such as a small yellow croaker, hairtail, spotted maigre, white Chinese croaker, called gu, cod fish, red fish, pomfret, gram-negative, sole, bream, rays, eel, fish yong, sharks, herring, mackerel, bayu, Chinese herring, barracuda, silver fish, turtles, sea snakes, prawns, acetes chinensis Hansen, talons, swimming crab, shrimp, clams, arca subcrenata, four corners clams, blue clams, clams, mussels, scallops, oysters, abalone, sea cucumber, such as more than 40, There are more than 20 kinds of seaweeds such as Ulva ulva, ulva ulva, reef membrane, laver, agaricularia, sea weed, seaweed, hemilaria, wormwood, arboretum, buckhorn and so on. Freshwater fish resources include crucian carp, carp, grass carp, Argus Argus, brillard Argus, macrobrachium elegans, bighead carp, silver carp, bream bream, Crucian carp, red-lipped red fish, catfish, eel, eel, bitterling fish, brillo, brillling fish and more than 70 species. Animal resources mainly include the luxi cattle, bohai black cattle, mengshan big ass, river bank Mongolia black pig, cattle, Texas crib mountain pig pig, laiwu pigs, wood bowl, lotus flower pig, laoshan pigs, yantai black pig, chang weifang diesel black pig, teng county white pig, pingdu black pig, black bifurcation cold leg, pigs, sheep, small tail cold sheep, lubei white goat, shan qing, surabaya, sheep, goats, river bank Mongolia native goat laoshan milk goats, shouguang chicken, chicken, with jinan world photo for one hundred days on the chicken chicken, Burma, reed {langya} chicken, RongChengYuan baoji, jining chicken, chicken, situated hemp duck, jinxiang the ancient philosophers goose, wulong geese, etc. Shandong brewing industry has a long history, such as Jining’s soy sauce and pickling vegetables, Luokou vinegar, Imo old wine, Linyi eight Treasure black beans, Yuncheng watermelons sauce, ancient lanling wine, Pingyin rose dew wine, Leling jujube nectar wine, Dong-e e-jiao wine, Yantai wine, Changyu brandy and so on, are all well known. Abundant products provided abundant material resources for the development of Shandong cuisine.