Shaanxi is one of civilized important , all together China headstream, as far back as havingLantian Man to grow work here right away in the front for 1000000 years, starting from the 11thcentury B.C., successively have 13 in history dynasty found a capital here. Shaanxi Province fieldof being that our country cultural relics and historic sites gathers together , name of having “thenatural history museum “: Acient Chang An county City historical remains, are known as eighthShaanxi not only cultural relics and historic sites is a lot of , but also natural scene isbeautiful: Have precipitous West Hua Mountain and Lin Tong Mt. black horse intelligent and elegant;Huanghe River kettle mouth waterfall having rapids to surge; Still have the organism’s habitstourist area giving first place to protecting a giant panda waiting for a rare animal. Not onlynorthern Shaanxi highland be Chinese revolution base area , but also be Shaanxi folk custom localmanners and feelings headstream: Shaanxi opera loud and sonorous , vehement gong and drum ,consummate paper-cut and extremely rich life breath peasant painting etc. , the sight havingattracted more and more many attention’s all with it’s culture thick and heavy bottom rhyme anddistinctive loess amorous feeling.largest in the world miracle Qin Shi Huang’s Buried Sculpture Legion , grand grand sight 72emperors mausoleum big or small, … Distant vast China civilization makes everyone first thepeople who arrives at Shaanxi not excavate heart profundity meditating on the past conscientiouslyswinging thought.