Jiangsu cuisine,one of Chinese eight cuisines,referred as Su cuisine.Because the Zhejiang cuisine and Jiangsu cuisine are similar,they are gennerally called Jiangsu cuisine. Mainly including JinLing cuisine, HuaiYang cuisine, Su Xi cuisine and XuHai cuisine.


stingent election materials,production of fine,medium bodied,four distinct seasons.In the cooking technology at stewed,fried,fossa,burning,and pay attention to adjust the soup,keep the original flavor,refreshing,wide adaptability,strong but not greasy,thin rather thin,crisp sodden off the bone,tender and crisp.


Xuhai flavor,

Wuxi flavor,

Jinling flavor,

Huaiyang flavor ,

Sourthern flavor.

Representative dishes

Xuzhou’s Farewell to My Concubine,ground chicken pot;Wuxi beauties feast;great cook Gansi Yangzhou,three ducks;Jinling salted duck;Changshu Beggar Chicken;Suzhou braised lion head,squirrel mandarin fish;High-ditch foot bundle, crab meat lion’s head;Zhenjiang Cured meat,etc.