Xi’an city wall is the Ming Dynasty the years in policy of Zhu Yuanzhang ” high walls, wide accumulate grain, slowthe guidance of kings” under, built on the basis of the Tang imperial.

Completely around the “defense” strategy system is greater than the thickness of the wall height, solid as a mountain, the top of the wall and practicing sports can. Walls include moat, drawbridge, building gate, watchtower, is buildings, towers, fortresses, parapet, forts and other a series of military facilities. Since the completion of the wall after three major renovations. Longqing two years (1568), Shaanxi provincial governor Zhang Zhi presided over the restoration of Tucheng first into brick city; Qing Emperor Qianlong 46 years (1781), Shaanxi governor, Bi source host on the walls and towers were renovated; since 1983, in Shaanxi Province and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government of the city wall the large-scale renovation, construction has been the demolition of the east gate, north gate of the watchtower, on the South Gate building, suspension bridge, and built around the park, so that this ancient building glow in the old style, has become a tourist attraction for visitors in Xi’an.