(1) The rising sun at dawn
The sunrise on Mount Tai is splendid and one of the marvelous spectacles of the summit of Mount Tai and is also the important symbol of Mount Tai. While the first beam of sunlight tears the last beam of darkness before dawn, the east sky turns dull black to grey, to red and then to dazzling golden yellow jetting out rays of morning sun and brightening the whole sky. Finally, one fireball suddenly jumps out of sea of cloud. The whole process is like a peak of perfection which likes thousands of polychrome pictures brought by a lofty magician.

(2) The rosy clouds at sunset
The sky clears after rain and the sun falls down to the west, if you amble on the peak of Mount Tai and look up the sky: the golden rays penetrate layers of clouds and dyed the clouds into golden rosy and shaped like gleaming apex. And all the cloud peaks are beset by golden selvage and flickering the blaze of precious jewellery. Just as portrayed in the poem: “Sky is painted into rosy and golden, who is holding an colorful pen to limn the sky”; “limpid spring water rushes down myriad of cliffs, glowing sunset drives thousands of peaks”.

(3) The aura on Mount Tai
The aura on top of Mount Tai is another one of wonders. When cloud and mist are diffusing in the early morning or nightfall, the aura emerges on the dimly clouds if tourists look down from a higher summit in the same direction of the light. The aura is one colorful halo with blue color inside and red color outside and reflects an image of a person just like the aura surrounds the Buddhist statue. That’s why called “Fuo Gang” (aura) or “Bao Guang” (jewellery light). The aura on Mount Tai is one kind of light diffraction and appears only under the whether condition of sunny with fog and the sunlight slanting in June to August.
(4) Jade plate of sea of clouds
The view of unfurling Jade plate of sea of clouds surrounding the summits is another one gorgeous wonder on top of Mount Tai. In summer, when sun comes out just after the rain, mass vapor vaporized to the sky, and the warm air from sea is lofty above about 1500 meters high and there is no wind, looking from the summit of Mount Tai, you could see white clouds tiling to thousands square meters as white jade plate suspending between earth and heaven. All forane hills are engulfed in the clouds and only few of them emerged; visible tourists like to step on the cloud as if they came to heaven. While breeze blowing, the cloud waved like sea water and the hills conceal and emerge as mysterious fairy islands; while the wind becomes strong, clusters of clouds turn into gigantic dragon flying up and down and thus agitate the sea of cloud.